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Do not buy from! I have recently placed an order for an item and they took my money instantly out of my account.

About five days later they notify me that the item is out of stock. They sent me an e-mail telling me that if I would like they could give me a refund. I have been trying to E-mail these people many times but could not get their e-mail address to work. The phone number they give out also just sounds a busy signal and when it finally does go through sends you to a machine.

when you press a number it then directs you to an answering machine. I am now out a couple hundred dollars only days before Christmas and out of luck. It seems that the only reviews I have found about the company are in fact from them.

Please do not buy from this company because it is a hard lesson learned. They do not need to be doing business.

Monetary Loss: $219.

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I agree to not buy from I purchased two helicopters.

They froze the order and made me call in to confirm it. It took me a total of almost 2 hours on the phone waiting for customer service to answer. After they sent the items I received them however one did not work correctly out of the box. I followed their instructions to receive a CODE TO RETURN, because without that code they won't accept a return.

Guess what! It's been 3 weeks and they have not given me the code!!!

So because the copter was around $20 i am just going to throw it away not and buy one elsewhere. I will never order from them again and I tell everyone to stay away!



they need to be shut down, total scam

do NOT ever buy anything from them


i bought a helicopter from xheli, it did not work, they won't pay for shipping, their phone number is a joke. you can never get through, they do not respond to any of my emails. TOTAL RIP OFF COMPANY


Ihave been trying to get some help from xheli every sense I got my so33G ,I cutsin and out and has caused it to fall several timesbreaking the landing gear( which isout of stock) and the tail boom. I replacedthe receiver two times and still havethe same problem, customer service (after 1 hour waite)tells me they don't know and I should send the heli back so they cand look at it. Isent oneradio and receiver back for them to checkout and3 weeks still am out a radio and have not reply from them


its a gamble. sometimes you get something, sometimes you dont.

i would recommend for people to be careful when ordering from xheli. it gives a list of helpful guidelines on the feds website about buying online. such as trying to call them first to see if they are cant call xheli.

also emailing them to see if they are cant get an email back from them. there is no customer service and they may take advantage of you.

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